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Can I do the trail more than once?

Yes! As of May 2021, we now have a second-tier prize for fans who want another round of fun. Get a new map or grab your first completed map and bring it to your first stop and you will receive a sticker noting this is your second round. Once you receive another set of stamps or initials by visiting all the locations, you will receive an awesome treasure (prize)!

How do I participate on the Treasure Coast Wine Ale & Spirits Trail? How does it work?

It’s easy, matey!

  1. Treasure maps can be picked up at visitor information centers and participating breweries and/or the winery or download the map HERE
  2. Visit all of the locations listed on the treasure map.
  3. Before departing each location, ask a staff person for a stamp to mark the visited location on your map.
  4. Once the last stamp is received from a participating location, redeem your official prize by presenting your treasure map to a staff person at the final location.
  5. Present your map with a government-issued ID showing date of birth (must be over 21). Once validated, you will receive your prize.
  6. Prizes are limited to one item per person.

When does the Treasure Coast Wine Ale & Spirits Trail promotion end? Is there a deadline for completion?

Treasure map redemption for the official prize is only while supplies last. However, the Treasure Coast Wine Ale & Spirits Trail itself is ongoing. The composition of the Treasure Coast Wine Ale & Spirits Trail, and its guidelines, are subject to change without notice at any time.

Where can I pick up the Treasure Coast Wine Ale & Spirits Trail Treasure map?

Treasure maps can be picked up at visitor information centers, and the participating breweries and/or the winery. Visitors can download the map here or can request a map mailed to them by emailing info@tcwineandaletrail.com or fill out our contact form.

They didn't have any more printed treasure maps so I had participating businesses sign or stamp a napkin or another document. Does that count?

Unfortunately, no. Stamps must all be on one treasure map. Please let us know if you discover a brewery or the winery has run out so that we may provide them with more printed treasure maps while supplies last.

Do I need to get my stamps in a certain order?

No, you can earn them in any order.

What if I'm one stamp short on my treasure map, the location was closed and I'm leaving town?

Only completed treasure maps can be redeemed. Please plan accordingly. Confirm open hours directly with the individual breweries and/or winery as days and times listed on the website may change.

Can I present a copy of my Treasure Coast Wine Ale & Spirits Trail Treasure map?

No, we must receive the original.

Can I keep my Treasure Coast Wine Ale & Spirits Trail Treasure map after its redeemed?

Yes, we will verify it, copy it and return the original to you as a keepsake.

Can I redeem my Treasure map by mail?

No. Once you receive your last stamp, present your completed map to the last location you are at. The staff person will verify your completed map and give you your prize (while supplies last).

Can my minor children visit the breweries/winery with me?

Generally yes, in fact most breweries are proud to be family-friendly with sand boxes or play areas. However, some breweries/winery do prohibit minors and a few have restrictions on seating sections, hours and special events. Please call the individual breweries for details.

Can I take my dog to the breweries?

Pareidolia Brewery & Islamorada allow dogs at their properties.

Can each family member have their own Treasure Coast Wine Ale & Spirits Trail treasure map?

Yes, however; to redeem your treasure map you must be 21 years or older. While dogs are part of our families they do not qualify for maps either.

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